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Unread 11-23-2005, 03:46 AM   #1
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Default Krieghoff Rework II

Hi everyone; after the September gun show in Portland I posted a note on the Luger Forum about a 1920 era commercial that appeared to be a Krieghoff reworked gun based on Lazy Crown over N proofs. I noted that I did not have pictures nor had I torn the gun down to observe inside markings. Well at the November Portland show the owner was again displaying some of his guns and I shared with him the responses that I got on the forum. He was delighted to see the comments and knowledge that the forum provided. He also said he was encouraged that none had called him an old curmudgeon. He offered to bring his luger to my house so I could tear it down and take some pictures of it to see if this would lead to any additional information. He brought the gun out today and I have posted the pictures below. I promised to keep his name out of the posting at his request, but will print and provide him with copies of all of the responses.

I told the owner that the consensus was that these guns were not bringing the premium that one would normally ascribe to an association with a Krieghoff. This can be attested to by looking at this Krieghoff rework that has been on for several months with no bids; The gun in the gunbroker auction has the L-C/N markings on the right receiver not the left. I do not know if this is significant or not but would like to hear what others think. The gun here in Portland is clearly a rework of a WWI military Luger as it is serial numbered 9007 h in the military fashion and shows signs of buffing. The new 6" barrel is proofed with a crown N and does not have a witness mark. Dwight Gruber (who saw the gun with me at the Portland show in September) said the barrel was changed before import into the US otherwise it would not have been proofed.

I told the owner that I think these guns have the potential to increase in value at a greater rate than other 20's era commercials, however this is just my personal opinion.

I am still curious as to whether any firms other than Krieghoff used the â??lazy crown over Nâ?(L-C/N) proof mark. Several of the Luger Forum members said that this was only used by Krieghoff other said that a number of other shops used this proof. Do we have examples of L-C/N proofs from other manufactures?

Thanks for you help on this;
Bob M.

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