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Default Drum beat! Pretend crazy or real crazy!

Hi to all, if you remember last time I reported on drum magazine issues, I had installed a slightly longer ejector and it aliveated the ejection problem I was having with a customers drum mag! I thought it was cured, but in running a few strings thru the drum I still experienced very random ejection issues! Soooo, is it the drum or the Luger? Finding out proved to be much more difficult then I would have ever imagined. I finally had tried the drum in enough Lugers to determine that the problem was not with the drum.
Sooo, testing the Luger and swapping parts between working and non-working Lugers, I isolated it to the upper receiver, and then to the toggle train, and then, where do you go next! After repeating the testing several times, I came to the conclusion the culprit was the very bottom recessed lip on the breechblock!!! If it has been refinished, or worn so that there is a radius on the lip, the empty brass is coming off the extractor before it even gets to the ejector. I installed a sweet toggle train off of a 1940/42 luger and the combination worked perfectly! The I realized, I had once posted a note about installing a new breechblock into my bench testing Luger and it threw the brass out so robustly that it almost eliminated my computer screen!!! So, there you have it, and I have to add, the only time it affects the ejection is with the drum? With a stick mag, it runs fine. The drum brings out any little problem. You need a healthy Luger to use the drum. Best to all,'r....GT
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