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Unread 09-26-2004, 07:54 PM   #1
John D.
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Post Krieghoff â??Early Sâ? to "Mid-S".....

This piece is actually quite interesting, as itâ??s a late serialized version of an â??Early Sâ?, by Mr. Gibsonâ??s definition. However, several of the markings shows it also falls into a â??Mid-series Sâ?, as Krieghoff began the transition from external to internal serialization. In short, what you will find in this example, is that Krieghoff â??transitionedâ? production to meet new guidelines. By example â?? no one walked into the factory one day and said â??clear the workbenches â?? NOW WE WILL MAKE a NEW VARIATION to confuse Collectors in 60 years!!â?â?¦

Rather, Krieghoff manufacturing was focused on other armaments, rather then Luger production â?? and therefore, â??firmâ? lines in the sand are somewhat blurred between what is â??correctâ? by Mr. Gibsonâ??s excellent work and research â?? and what appears as verified pieces. To that point, written work establishes what is â??mostly correct for the vast majority of examined pieces in a variationâ?, and yet â?? Lugers do exist that show what and how a factory went from production techniques that decided what we determine as â??one variationâ? to another.

In the example below, you will see how Krieghoff transitioned from one such variation â?? â??Early Sâ? - to the â??Mid-Sâ? series. Itâ??s an interesting piece, as it falls into â??mostlyâ? correctâ? for an Early S, and where it doesnâ??t meet that criteria, it meets the standards for the next variation â?? the â??Mid-Sâ?. Itâ??s a verified transition Krieghoff, and Iâ??m pleased to have it in my collection.

In the first two photos below, you should spot a departure from the strict â??Early Sâ? definition which included external last two digit serialization on the exposed parts. In this case, those will be the take down and toggle train (rear & center toggle links). More on these points in a moment.

With serial number â??2053â? â?? it falls into the last production of the â??Early Sâ? (and even better into several other Early/Mid HKs in my collection). Overall this HK would rate at 97%/70% (blue/straw) and includes the correct LWaA 2/stamps throughout. As well, it includes the proper â??fat woodâ? grips as in the Early S variation, matched MAG and correct on both the small parts and major parts groups throughout.


Stamps of this production era run include acceptance of both the frame (as seen on the rail), and the progression of the following: LWaA Stage 1 (early); Proof mark; LWaA Stage 2 (early). On the rail, is again found the LWaA Stage 2.

Barrel size and LWaA 2:

Frame and lower group detail

The stripped frame. A couple of things to note â?? including the machining of the lug and the GESICHERT stamp

Note the hue of fire-blued mag release and the deeper "V" cut of the front grip strap, an HK production trademark which differs from all other manufacturers.

The rear frame well. Notice the HK tell-tales as part of the manufacturing process. These are unique to HK, and differ from Simson, Mauser and any other manufacturers:

continued next postâ?¦..
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