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John D.
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Post 1938 Krieghoff

I must warn you â?? this is a long threadâ?¦. So, those on dial-up connections, please be awareâ?¦.. Also, I want to credit Mr. Gibson for original research on this topic, which is supplemented by my own notes and own original research. My thanks to Mr. Gibson, Mr. Shattuck, and several other collectors of note for their support, encourgement and wisdom over the past 16+ years of Krieghoff collecting.

Gibson states that production of the 1938 HK was limited to 50 produced with 18 verified examples. Today, there is still an estimated total production of 50 units, but Krieghoff collectors have now verified 21 examples of 1938 dated HKs. Following is a photo treatise of one of the verified pieces. For that, please understand that I have shown this specific piece on another Forum, so I hope you enjoy it here as well..!

1938 HK â?? Serial number 9221

With 90% blue and 80% straw, this example is classic of both Gibsonâ??s research and Krieghoff collecting. Bearing serial number 9221, this 1938 chamber dated Krieghoff was pulled from earlier production and sent to the Luftwaffe in June of 1938 to fulfill another 50 units towards the overall original contract, rather then the addended contract. Notes to the proofing and machining marks on this example bear out that it was an earlier production run, rather then post 1937 remarked as â??1938â?. The grips on this piece are course checkered brown grips, used post â??Sâ? and â??36â? Krieghoffs (although inter-dispersed among latter dates) and in the â??1936â?, â??1937â? and S1 Commercial periods.

The left side shows barrel wear and highpoint wear on the side-plate, typical of being carried in the holster. Other areas that are weak on this HK include the grip straps:

The right side is typical HK at that era: Strawed ejector, trigger (right side mag release is fire blued, as is most common on 1938 and latter):

Right Receiver: Stamps of this production era run include acceptance of both the frame (as seen on the rail), and the progression of the following: LWaA Stage 1 (early); Proof mark; LWaA Stage 2 (early) (variations noted in 1938 production). On the rail, is again found the LWaA Stage 2. The Barrel proof (right side) is the proof mark. The proof is many times mis-understood by HK novices, as it will generally appear on all of 3 places: the receiver, the barrel and breechblock, but it has been confused with a LWaA stage 1 and/or 2. But, it is totally different (see photo â?? the PROOF marks are center on the receiver and the right of the barrel) in next photo:.

Frame Serial Number. Please note that Krieghoffâ??s do not have a letter suffix. Rather, in the Commercial Series, you will note a â??Pâ? prefix. As this is military issue, no prefix or suffix exists:

Left Receiver Serial Number. Note that these were hand stamped, and often times, the baseline will not be aligned.

Sideplate â?? inside view. There are several things to note on this piece â?? including the placement of the two LWaA Inspection marks (1mm) and the military serialization. During the â??Sâ? series Krieghoffâ??s, the placement of the Military serialization changed from external to internal. This change is one of the factors that designates an Early S to a Mid-S Series. This piece was, of course â?? post â??Sâ?, and therefore shows the later style:

Trigger Serialization. With the side plate removed, the serialization on the trigger can be viewed:

Rear Frame Well. The machining marks are unique to Krieghoff manufacturing. Some will try to draw similarities between ERFURT and SIMSON given the theory of the â??same toolingâ? and milling machinery - but in fact, Krieghoff used their own pattern, on their own â??newly designedâ? machinery. The HK process gave faster production, better Q&A with a superior finish then either ERFURT or SIMSON (credit to H. Krieghoff who engineered the design change). Therefore, the HK process is readily able to be identified:

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