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Unread 07-07-2022, 10:58 PM   #1
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Default Luger noob - anyone familiar with Chuck's Firearms of Atlanta?

Hi all!

First post here; nice to meet all.

I've actually collected guns basically since I was a kid with my dad, but somehow in the dozens if not hundreds of various pieces to cross my path in all that time, there has yet to be a Luger of any variation.

I live in Savannah GA, these days, and was wondering if anyone has ever worked with Chuck's Firearms there in Atlanta? I heard from a cousin up there they recently got in several dozen Lugers (from I believe a large estate) and having just wrapped up a big real estate deal was thinking it was finally time to add this bucket list gun.I'll be up there for work in a couple weeks anyway, so it just seems time.

I have a fairly solid but open idea of what I'm looking for, numbers matching (grips preferably, magazine won't break my heart as long as OEM), 9mm preferred but open to 7.65, a NON-Swiss type model (i.e. no rip safety), potentially refurbed/reblued okay depending on good+ mechanical condition and bore. Also not obsessed with it being of any particular vintage and would be entirely open to a postwar piece. So in essence, a nice clean shooter-grade gun with some solid originality to begin learning from.

Can anyone say if Chuck's is a solid place? Or, barring that, anyone know of a good Luger 'go-to' in good old Georgia?

Thanks all and looking forward to being around a while!
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Unread 07-08-2022, 12:40 AM   #2
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beginning tomorrow morning, you will start a loooooong journey into the world of LUGERDOM.....
this is a very well educated bunch on this board.....besides being owned, operated, trash-taking-out fellow by the name of John D........WELCOME ABOARD.................
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Unread 07-08-2022, 07:51 AM   #3
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Quite proud of their lugers:
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Unread 07-08-2022, 12:23 PM   #4
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Dear Chuck,

I also live in Savannah. I shoot at 17 South Rod & Gun. I am not familiar with Chuck's Firearms in Atlanta. Most of the lugers I have purchased over the years have been through Lugerforum Classifieds on this forum. Otherwise, I have made purchases from Gunbroker and several dealers online. One dealer I recommend, that is likely to have a shooter at a reasonable price, is Charlie Justman at Checkpoint Charlie's. I suggest that you first acquire some knowledge about lugers through reading and perusing this forum. I would encourage you to avoid a shooter in .30 Luger because the ammunition is expensive and often hard to get while 9mm is ubiquitous.

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Unread 07-08-2022, 01:51 PM   #5
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Welcome to the forum.

Buy books first. The best available today is:

Don't be put off by the price. You'll save more that this cost by studying it before you buy your first Luger.

I've never heard of "Chucks" of Atlanta. Search around this forum for a few that are established.

Charlie Justman (From Wisconsin) just retired and sold his business, but I understand that some have said good things about the new owner.

We publish a very useful FAQ Reference document, free to download. Just follow the FAQ link at the top of every forum page.
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Unread 07-08-2022, 03:11 PM   #6
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I should perhaps clarify.

When it comes to Lugers I have shot them (both calibers, neither w/grip safety), disassembled them, helped one buddy back when I was in CA 'rejuvenate' his (by cleaning up the mess someone's cold blue attempts had created), read most of the literature ranging from the outdated (Davis, for instance, an older edition my fatherleft me) to current, and including the 3-volume set mentioned which I purchased at a Phoenix, AZ show, some time ago.

In other words I am largely familiar with what I am looking for, the appropriate markings and stamps, straw vs. blue vs. a botch refurb job, etc. With as someone pointed out, the cost, in mind, a .30 calibre/7.65mm is still completely acceptable to my view. If you prefer 9mm that's your preference, and I am stating very firmly here I am completely open to a 7.65mm - this would not be a self-defense weapon generally as there are about two dozen various items I'd grab before this, so if it ends up at the Luger...well, I'll probably still have the Vest Pocket and Baby Browning behind it, but I hope you get the idea - it isn't a small collection, and this isn't intended to be a 'perfect collector piece' or a daily carry. Just a nice, numbers matching, well-shooting piece of materiel.

I merely asked about Chuck's as my cousin mentioned he was in getting a new sling for his deer gun (Winnie 94; the boy will never deviate) and in chatting they mentioned to him (I assume he made a remark on one on display) that the few on display were about to be inundated by 30-some-odd brethren of various vintage.

Please everyone understand I DO thank you all for the advice however - it was I who perhaps did not introduce myself properly. Vintage guns aren't just known to me; they're...well, when not at my day job, more or less what I do. I'm just not a social media guy, so never been on a board before. So again, apologies if I did a poor job on that first post.
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Unread 07-08-2022, 04:30 PM   #7
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Welcome to the forum. Seems to me that since you will be in the area, you should check out "Chucks" and then give us your opinion of the place and the folks running it. Again, welcome to the "Luger addiction".
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Unread 07-08-2022, 06:26 PM   #8
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Originally Posted by hayhugh View Post
I'm not sure what you were linking to, but this just takes me to the GI search page with Luger in the subject box.

Chuck's apparently does have a presence there (haven't seen it on GB); but after a few weeks of idly glancing haven't seen a Luger posted. They do have a nice but IMHO too-pricey S&W performance center Schofield, but I've always been a Colt fellow for revolvers anyway.

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Unread 07-09-2022, 01:27 PM   #9
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Welcome to the forum.. it is a fun place. i am a big fan of the 30 luger. I have not reloaded them in a while but they are easy to reload with bullets swaged to size. The bullets available for the new "30 super carry" may Beto be swaged down to .309. I still have a lot of old factory ammo.
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Unread 07-09-2022, 04:28 PM   #10
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Welcome to the forum.
Laugh hard and often.

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Unread 07-09-2022, 04:28 PM   #11
Mac Cat
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When I was living in Atlanta, the go-to store was Bass Pro. They sell used firearms. Lugers were featured quite often.

I liked Bass Pro/Cabela's (they merged a few years ago) which carry high quality used firearms. The Cabela's in Buda, Texas has a small museum like gallery that changes out their displays frequently - they featured WW-1 and WW-2 military weapons, including Lugers and older 1911's. Good web sites, too.

I never heard of Chuck's Firearms when I lived in Atlanta (1990s). It's in the Buckhead area, which is the more expensive part of Atlanta. It may be a new shop.
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