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Unread 06-22-2023, 07:30 PM   #1
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Default 1916 dwm value

I have a 1916 DWM Luger and an ac 1941 P-38 that I purchased from a lady friend whose Father brought them back from Germany. He said no paperwork was required but they were restricted to one pistol, so he had a friend carry one of the two back for him. I have a 5 page history of his involvement in the Battle of the Bulge he was kind enough to send me.

When I tried shooting them, both would not function with full magazines. So for a number of years I only loaded six in the mags, After owning and shooting them for about eight years I tried both the Luger and the P-38 with full magazines. To my surprise they both worked quite well. Since then I have been using full magazines and various brands of ammo I have had very few malfunctions of any kind. So few it is somewhat of a shock when it happens.

In any event I have decided to sell the Luger and may do the same with the P-38. I will attach pictures and am curious as to its value.

Below is a list of the serial numbered parts. The Side plate, toggle pin and hold open are unmarked.
I have a 1916 holster with tool and a 1916 belt buckle. The belt is unmarked but appears to be correct vintage wise.


Frame Front Yes
Barrel Bottom Yes
Side of Receiver Yes
Take Down Lever Yes
Side Plate Unmarked
Side Bar Yes
Extractor Yes
Middle Toggle Link Yes
Rear Toggle Yes
Trigger Yes
Toggle Pin Unmarked
Firing Pin Yes
Breech Block Yes
Safety Lever Yes
Safety Bar Yes
Hold Open Unmarked
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	DSC04295.jpg
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Name:	DSC04296.jpg
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Name:	DSC04293.jpg
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ID:	86857  

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Name:	DSC04288.jpg
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Size:	151.2 KB
ID:	86858  

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Name:	DSC04280.jpg
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Name:	DSC04279.jpg
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Name:	DSC04278.jpg
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Name:	DSC04266.jpg
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Name:	DSC04282.jpg
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ID:	86863  

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Name:	DSC04287.jpg
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Size:	98.4 KB
ID:	86864  

seeking "Trigger Sideplate"for 1916 DWM with 04 SN

Allen Michler
AW1, USNR-R (10 yrs)
LTC, TC, USAR (29 yrs)
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Unread 06-22-2023, 08:22 PM   #2
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It has the long sear bar so was made in the first part of 1916 before the short sear bar was required. The side plate and hold open are replacements as both should be numbered.

It's not in pristine condition but looks to be a nice shooter. Certainly well worth owning.

I once had a 1916 DWM that was much rougher looking. NEVER malfunctioned; not once. I bought it from a pawn shop in Tacoma, WA, for $55 in 1966 or maybe early 1967.
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