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Unread 07-03-2015, 11:33 AM   #1
John D.
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Default Just Back and getting caught up....

June was a very long month - travels to the South, travels overseas, and just back earlier this week from the mid-west... But, for all that travel, its nice to be home...

As well, I'm just getting caught up a bit - and wanted to acknowledge a couple of folks - some "regulars", and, well - just "one" who is new to public acknowledgement...

First - I wanted to thank the following folks...

Jerry Burney - who has gone out of his way for years supporting this community and who realizes it appears on the Internet each and every day due to the financial support of only a handful. Jerry is "one of those in the handful"... Jerry - just simply "Thank You"...

To Tom Austin - another "regular", is one of those in that handful as well. Tom - Thank you...

And finally - to "Mac Cat"... Mac Cat is a relative newcomer to this community, but a lurker for years.. He stepped forward to support this same community, and frankly - he doesn't know me from "Adam" (well, I don't know Adam" either, but..?).. Anyway - his personal note to me is what I always thought this site, forum and community should be all about - and it is...

Mac Cat - to you, Sir - Thank You... And for your personal note and your support? Welcome to becoming our most recent "Lifetime Patron"....

To each and all that support the LugerForum - thank you... It is indeed a pleasure to host a site without banner ads, click-through tracking and all that sort of nonsense. So, when you see someone who goes out of their way, so none of that appears on the LugerForum - and has LugerForum Patron in their title? Thank them - as they are the ones who keep this community clean from such advertising diversions...

My best to all for a Happy and safe Fourth of July weekend..

My Best,

John D.
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Unread 07-03-2015, 02:56 PM   #2
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glad you are enjoying your travels, both work and pleasure.........for your kind words, thank you...tom
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