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Default 1939 42 P08 vet bring back

Good afternoon, new member here. Just acquired a very new to me Luger P08 from a co-worker. He got a buyer's remorse from buying this one (he is a young guy, mid 20's - prefer something he can shoot, than a collection - he bought my Sig MCX before). I told him if I can make payments on it then I'll take it off his hands. He asked for what he paid from the gun store, which was around $2,300 after tax.
Back story, 15 years ago this gun was brought in to that gun store and this lady's husband bought it. Then sadly the husband passed away and she brought it back to the store to re-sell it. After the store re-appraised it, it was put back on for sale and my co-worker bought it. I took it apart, cleaned and re-oiled it. It didn't seem to be shot much at all after the old man bought it.

* S/N: 1771u, parts seemed to be matching even the firing pin. barrel has 8.83 marking. Slide/ barrel extension seemed to develop patina as it is purplish color now. it is dated 1939, 42. It chambers a 9mm dummy round so I believe this is in 9mm caliber.

Magazine is not matching.

Holster is 1939 dated, Karl Bocker, Waldbrol and a Nazi eagle stamp on the back of it.
What is interesting about this holster is that it has 2 ink stamps with a name: Major Walter Musta O-373141.
At first I thought he was a German officer but after researching a bit, found out he was an American and served in the medical corps. I found the following article mentioning his name:

Psychiatric Breakdowns
Little data are available on psychiatric breakdowns occurring en route overseas. Major Flumerfelt personally studied a British soldier after a suicidal attempt aboard ship. The case seemed to be a reaction to frustration; the soldier involved had had long service in Africa and, just when he expected shipment to his home, had found that he had been reassigned to the Near East. Major Flumerfelt also quoted a personal communication from Maj. Walter Musta, MC, who found that the less stable troops were more subject to seasickness. Maj. Theodore P. Suratt, MC, who was the 44th Division psychiatrist, did not recall any outstanding problem with the division troops en route overseas. Lt. Peter J. Brdar, who, while in service, was an officer of the Medical Administrative Corps but later became a psychiatrist, reminisced about a passage overseas on a Liberty Ship, as follows:

Also his name showed up here:

It seemed he was involved in an aviation incident/ accident during the war. His Officer number matched the one from the holster. I believed he survived it because I also found out a Walter Musta from From Ancient I located Walter Musta and his age range put him as 30 years old in 1939 and approximately 35-36 years old at the end of WW2 in 1945. Musta, W DOB is listed as Nov 22, 1909 out of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio – 44111 and he passed away in May 1978 at approximately 68 years old. From, it seemed like Walter was born in Austria-Hungary and was naturalized.

Overall I am happy with what I have, it's impressive to see the tightness in the fittings compared to modern pistols. Hopefully I can just sit on this as future investment. My 12 year old daughter is into WW2 history and I showed her this thing. I told her this might be hers someday. Oh also if you find out more info on Major Musta, please share here. Thanks
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