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Ron Wood
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Post Early Frame Tutorial

Most of our Luger Forum members are familiar with the designation of "Long Frame" and "Short Frame". The "long" frame and receiver is 1mm longer than the "short" frame and receiver, with the extra length occurring in front of the takedown lever. The threaded portion of the long and short frame barrels are also 2mm different in length and therefore are not interchangeable.

However, some beginning Luger fans may not be aware that during early Luger development there were several transition steps from the old model long frame to the new model short frame.

Here are Type categorizations of these transition steps that I have made into a little guide. These are my observations and I am sure this list may not be totally comprehensive and that exceptions do exist (all bets are off on 1920 era Lugers), but it is by and large representative. I welcome any recommended corrections, changes or comments.

Type I - Old model long frame, thick rounded frame and trigger guard the full width of the frame. Type I is found on 1900 military and commercial Lugers, 1900 and 1902 Carbines, some 1902 Prototypes, and the 1904 Navy (with the addition of a stock lug).

Type II - Old model short frame, squared off frame, trigger guard the full width of the frame, and "thin" frame below the takedown lever. Type II is found on 1902 commercial, American Eagle, and test Lugers (Dutch, German, and American Eagle), some 1902 Prototypes, and 1903 Commercial.

Type III - New model long frame, rounded frame with rebated trigger guard (trigger guard machined narrower than the frame). Type III is found on 1906 Navy, early 1906 commercial and American Eagle (some safety marked and some with stock lug), 1906 Swiss (DWM Cross in Sunburst, DWM Cross in Shield and Waffenfabrik Bern produced).

Type IV - New model short frame, squared off thin frame, rebated trigger guard. Type IV is found on early 1906 9mm Lugers (Commercial, American Eagle, Russian) and the 1907 .45 Caliber Test Luger. Also found on 1906 7.65mm Lugers such as: 1906 Bulgarian, M2 Portuguese, some Commercial, and some Swiss.

Type V - New model short frame, squared off thick frame (with the thicker area below the takedown lever), rebated trigger guard. Type V is found on virtually all Lugers produced after 1908, to include commercial and contract Lugers of the 1906 pattern with grip safety.

If it's made after's a reproduction

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