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Unread 01-03-2024, 10:25 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by Doubs View Post
It is undoubtedly a fake AE pieced together from at least two different pistols and that's a valid point. But, if someone is looking for a reasonably priced 30 caliber shooter, that's not an unreasonable price for one in that condition... assuming that the bore is good.

Mismatched, rough condition shooter Lugers are bringing $1,000 - sometimes more - so an extra $250 for one with a decent finish isn't unreasonable IMO.

The cheapest Luger on the Simpson website is $1,295; a Swiss P'00/'06 with fair bore and looks nowhere near as nice as the subject Luger.

Can the OP do better for $1200? Possibly... if he's lucky. Patience will be required.
In the original post Padre Dan says it is 9mm, I'm not sure what caliber it is- it sure looks like a .30 barrel.

As to value, you are absolutley correct, everyone has an opinion and in the final analysis it is only the buyer who can decide what any Luger pistol is worth.
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