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Unread 01-31-2022, 11:48 PM   #1
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Default Federal "reinvents" the .30 luger cartridge

Just received my copy of march Guns & Ammo magazine.

Federal has announced the "development" of a "new" cartridge to be better than 380 acp and not as "big" as 9mm luger.
They call it the ".30 Super Carry".

Bullet weight and velocity are almost exactly the same as the "old" .30 luger with 100 and 110g bullets available. The FMJ bullet is even a truncated cone. The new and improved projectiles would really be nice for reloading the old .30 luger.

The "new" part is a straight side case, no bottleneck.

The new cartridge of course requires new made barrels, mags, and modification to pistols.

Biggest "advantages" are higher round count in mags vs. the 9mm, and less recoil; and improved penetration vs. the .380 acp.

I'm not so sure about the less recoil, but maybe marginally.

Wonder why they didn't just use the "old" .30 luger - all it would require is a barrel change in all the modern small 9mm pistols available today. Could be a real good cartridge again!

With small 9mms holding 12 or 15 rounds of 9mm today an increase of a couple rounds doesn't seem that important to me.

I guess there really is "Nothing new under the sun"- just recycled good ideas.
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.30 luger, .30 super carry, new federal .30 cartridge

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