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Unread 05-07-2002, 04:07 PM   #1
tom collins
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Default mis-matched parts

the other night i was cleaning a couple of my lugers and when i went to reassemble them i started to have trouble with the saftey and the trigger. they were just not fitting and i was about to get the hammer out and make it fit. well, i stopped, took a deep breath, then looked closely...yep, i had picked up the wrong parts from 2 different lugers. and true to the myth, the parts were not easily exchangable but slide in perfectly into the original lugers. so, i guess making a mismatched luger from spare parts is harder than thought to do. i guess those pparts were milled specific to the pistol afterall

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Default Re: mis-matched parts

Ya'll have heard me b***h about my mismatched 1918 Erfurt, now you know why. The bolt, extractor, and firing pin are all mismatched individually and then not matched to the rest of the gun, If I just didn't like projects this thing would never have fired. It took a dremel jewelry polishing kit, diamond grit lapping compound, new springs, and new magazines. It shoots great now. I sure learned a lot though.


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