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Unread 10-30-2023, 02:16 PM   #20
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Sergio. do you think restoring the barrel would decrease the value of the pistol more than it already has been due to its present condition?

I don't!

I don't see neglect as any part of a gun's provenance to be preserved. Fair wear and tear while in military or police service, maybe, but not on a pistol post service.

As for commercial Lugers intended for public sale, they can pretty readily be found in minty condition. With proper care there's no reason, except for neglect, they couldn't all be found that way. Therefore, if one has a neglected commercial Luger and wants to restore it, I see no problem with it. To argue against the restoration, to me, is like arguing for the preservation of the overt act of neglect.

I'm not arguing for restoring guns. I'm arguing it's a personal preference. I, personally, do not have a restored piece. My preference is for guns in 98% or better original condition. Wasn''t always that way, but it is now.

Judging by some of the high prices of restored Lugers I see that sell on Simpson's site, I'd say restorations are more and more coming into the mainstream of Luger collecting.


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