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Default Site Updates

John posted this as an admin alert, but I'll also post it as a normal posting so that "New Posts" gets an update to alert all users.

This is a major system update:

Please bear with me - Programming & Server Updates
Hey folks,

I am indeed moving this site... But - only a few feet away from where it is now Seriously, this Site and Forum has lived on the current server for more than a few years, and it's time. So, I've been working on a new server running a different operating system that will be able to handle and support this community. I'm really close at finalizing the programming - and when I think we are ready - here is what will happen..

You will see this site & forum "on and off". When it comes on-line permanently - I'll post a new note that everything is migrated over and everything should be back to normal...

Please note- the core code for the forums will be upgraded - and this too, is another huge step forward, as I am bumping both versions of MySQL, PHP and the core forum software. This isn't easy - as I'm changing the core operating systems too - so I have to drag all the handwritten mods in PHP/XML/CSS to the new server. Please bear with me on that, as the thread logos, etc. - may look a bit different.

If my guess is right - we might be down for about eight hours if all goes well... If it doesn't - I'll redact the changes and pull this site back up and go back to the "drawing board". I'll try to keep all posted through the announcement pages on the Forum.

Thanks for your support and patience!

John D.
Igitur si vis pacem, para bellum -
- Therefore if you want peace, prepare for war.
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