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Unread 07-01-2011, 08:09 PM   #1
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Default I spent a hundred bucks today...

Not everyone who posts here is aware of the Owner of this site, John Dunkle and what he does. Not only does he provide this Luger Forum for all of us Luger nuts but he is very active in Haiti with an orphanage he and his Wife have sponsored and built. It's really a story of self sacrafice and if you have not read it, or are aware of it I strongly suggest you take a few minutes and look at his website..Rennwish. You can Google the rennwish and many choices pop up but here is a can go from there.

I am a pragmatic man and I know that Haiti's problems will likely never be completely solved what with the nature of their geographical place in the World. That's no reason not to put a pillow under childrens heads if you can afford it.

Ellie and I give what we can to support John and his efforts both here and at his Orphanage.

Usually we, Ed Tinker and I.. have a raffle to raise some money. Ed is in Baghdad and we just did a raffle for Tom Armstrong and his cause. Maybe we can get another together when Ed comes home.

Untill then.. will you consider helping? Just whatever you can spare..the price of a fast food meal..whatever you can comfortably let loose of. I know things are tight for most all of us but we all support what's meaningful to us and this is one of those things for me...

Thanks for reading ..
By the should know John has NEVER asked for so much as a penny. ALL of the money you might give goes to his 501 c charity or to support OUR Forum.
Not 10% not 90% but 100%. He and his Family dig deep into their pockets..Lets help out. I did.
Jerry Burney
11491 S. Guadalupe Drive

Yuma AZ 85367-6182

928 342-7583 (CO & AZ) Year Round
719 207-3331 (cell)

"For those who Fight For It, Life has a flavor the protected will never know."
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Unread 07-02-2011, 12:27 PM   #2
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John / Jerry
Funds sent today. Hey guys/gals lets get with it . Bill
Bill Lyon
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Unread 07-02-2011, 05:47 PM   #3
John D.
& Site Owner
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So this is where Bill.....??!! I was wondering..! Jerry and Bill....

THANK YOU!!! As an update - I'll share what I wrote a few minutes ago to Bill, as well, our programs and projects continue to expand. Further...

I keep forgetting to mention - many of the children wrote about their lives in Haiti while I was authoring a book. That book has been published - and you can view parts of it here:

So, if Bill, Jerry - or any of you have supported Rennwish and have an iPad or a tablet - it would be an honor to send you a copy of that book in electronic form (an 'ePub").

Thank you... All of you...


And here is what I wrote to Bill....

I can't believe you remembered our Projects in Haiti.... Sometimes, I think folks kind of forget? But, to you and folks like you - thank you..!! More than you may know... But, I suspect you do know?

Anyway - as an update on our projects....

We have now not only the orphanage, but.... We have our schools - and this year, while we do everything "at cost" we also sponsor dozens of students whose mothers or foster Moms (in our programs too) couldn't provide an education for as there is no work for them to afford the luxury of an education. Then there are the Foster Moms. That network we are adding to monthly - and I think we have dozens of children in those homes. Then there are my "street boys". These boys are homeless - but we feed them, we try to keep up with their medical appointments - and well, just try to help..?

i guess, right now - there are about 1,700 children we effect in all our programs.. You can see all our activities on: - and our facebook and Rennwish BLOG. There, you can meet some of the children through pictures...

But for that - we could not - ever - do all we have done - and continue to do - without people just like you....

Thank you for that... Thank you for caring. Thank you more for assisting.

You have my respect and my eternal gratitude...

John Dunkle
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