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Default Picked up along the trail!

You know, sometimes you get so familier with something, that you ignore areas of concern! Sort of like, out of sight out of mind! Well, in all of the testing I did in the last week, probably 500 rounds, I had a lot of empty brass to inspect, and with three guns on the bench, it was impossible to keep everything straightened out? So, I bagged thm up and took them back out one at a time. The reason for correling the herd? I feel a very pressing need to examine the firing pin strike and the primer dimple? And in paying attention to the above mentioned areas fo trouble shooting, I came across one shade tree back woods test that you need to perform on your Lugers breechblock. And, that is, using something flat, a small rule, or a pocket screwdriver, drag it across the breech end of the breech block.
If the firing pin tip touches the straight edge, it is protruding too far? Maybe .015" to .020" so if that is the case, you really need to inspect your brass cuz you're headed down disaster canyon!
here's what we're looking at for dimensions. Breechface rebate, .060" give or take a few. Proper firing pin protrusion, .040" to .045" give or take a few as well... If you need to shorten the pin, start by measuring the OAL of the pin, and then remove tip material as needed to get into spec. MAKE SURE, you have a nice soft radius on the pin tip! Go get'em guys! Best to all,'r....GT
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