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Default New production of Krieghoff


Krieghoff News


Back from the Past: The Krieghoff Parabellum

There is good news for connoisseurs of fine pistols. More than 60 years after the last â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? was built in Suhl, Germany, Krieghoff is making them again in the form of a Limited Edition of 200 pistols.

Letâ??s go back to September 1945. The last â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? pistols leave the Suhl factory made for officers of the US Army. A short time later Germany was divided and the Russian Red Army had jurisdiction over the factory in Suhl. They dismantled the Krieghoff plant and destroyed the buildings.

Post World War II Krieghoff regrouped in Ulm, West Germany, but the production of pistols was not resumed. The gun was seen as too complicated to make and the market was too small.

â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? pistols from that time were known for excellent quality and workmanship. Approximately 10,000 pistols were made, - a relatively small number which made them highly collectable all over the world.

Scroll forward to March 2006. The first â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? in more than 60 years goes to the German Proofhouse. The newly made pistols are 100% identical with the ones made in Suhl some 60 years ago. No detail was overlooked the way these complicated pistols are built. All parts, even the smallest ones are milled from solid steel, like the originals. As an example, the grip piece is machined from a solid 6 kg (13 lbs) piece of steel. All features and details which set the â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? apart from other Luger pistols were maintained including the blue case colored front sight as well as the Krieghoff Anchor company logo which dates back to pre-1945.
The â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? of 2006 will be a Limited Edition of 200 pieces with a serial number range from 18001 to 18200. The pistols come in a custom made aluminum case marked with the â??Krieghoff Parabellumâ?? name and the Krieghoff Anchor logo and will include a certificate of origin. A spare clip is also included.
Rare and very limited, the new pistols are available directly from Krieghoff. Deliveries will commence in September 2006. The complete package is priced at 10.500,- â?¬

Contact Person:
Ralf M?¼ller
Telefon: +49 731 40182-0
Previously known as Morgan Kane
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