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Originally Posted by CASTELLANO View Post
REF: Star means it failed inspection and was rejected by the LwA2 inspector . ???

Isn't that a good Krieghoff?

I made a bad purchase?

cost me 2500 euros in Collector's Book

I find it strange that the star's mark means rejected.

In Spain precisely in some pistols, the star means the opposite, that is, approved


Your piece is a Krieghoff Side Frame Inscription made for the Commercial Market from rejected Luftwaffe production. The side frame inscription is a rarer sub-variation of the commercial production and is very collectible based on the limited photos..

It properly has the 5-pointed Luftwaffe rejection stamp as well as the Early Commercial proofs. This is correct.

Note: Inspection by the Luftwaffe was a go-no go process. Many parts were rejected but were totally usable. Additionally, the P.08 design was very susceptible to head space issues in production, again a gauge based go-no go process, resulting in many, many rejections. The fact that your gun has the Early Commercial proofs means that it meets the commercial standards of Germany at that time. It is a good and proper piece and has significant value. You made a good purchase. The side frame inscription gives it additional value as fewer of these were produced.

There is an entire section of Gibson's book that is dedicated to Commercial production as well as numerous threads and posts on this Forum for you to look at and get good, additional information.

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