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Unread 11-01-2009, 02:16 PM   #1
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Default Presentation piece at RIA

Quote: This is just a fantastic example of a super rare all original Kreighoff Factory engraved presentation luger pistol, that is complete with two matching magazines, take down tool and the original leather presentation case. These engraved presentation grade Kreighoff lugers all fall into a generally accepted serial number range of 16,000 to 18,000 and as noted this serial is a late production model with several of the same exact type of engraved presentation grade lugers shown on pages 200-213 of "THE KREIGHOFF LUGER" book by the late Randall Gibson. Any Kreighoff P.08 Luger is highly desirable and very rare on today's market. Having a Factory Engraved "Presentation Grade" Kreighoff of which there is only a handful known, is undoubtedly the pinnacle of Luger collecting. The Kreighoff, Waffenfabrik at Suhl, Germany manufactured P.08 Luger pistols for the Luftwaffe from 1935-45 and on special occasion embellished and engraved luger as gifts for several high ranking Nazi party members during the war. This specific luger does not carry any specific named individual, however it is dated on the left side "15.8.39" (August 15, a few weeks before the Nazi invasion of Poland marking the beginning of World War II) and conforms exactly to those noted in the reference above. The pistol has been engraved in a very fine and highly detailed large Oak Leaf pattern with extremely fine punch dot back ground shading. The engraving covers approximately 75% plus of the pistol with the only portion of the pistol not engraved is basically around the center section of the barrel. The grips are the all walnut style as noted in the reference above and which have also been highly carved in a deep relief, large Oak Leaf and Acorn pattern on the top and lower portions of the grip panels with the center section of the grips have a very fine checkered pattern in the middle. The left side of the barrel extension and underside of the barrel have the single "Crown N" commercial proof and the right side of the barrel extension has the five-pointed star indicating that it was a rejected part, all of which track with other pistols listed in the noted reference book. The top of the chamber is engraved with no date or markings and it has the C-2 type, Kreighoff marking, which consist of a dagger with the rocker on the bottom, flanked by H & K with KREIGHOFF/SUHL underneath. The left side of the pistol has the correct factory side plate inscription which reads; "HEINRICH KREIGHOFF/WAFFENFABRIK/SUHL/15.8.39". All of which track with those listed in the referenced book. The luger is complete with two unmarked nickel plated magazines that are only stamped with the serial number (17303) of pistol on the base plate, an original unmarked magazine loading tool and a leather bound presentation case with purple lining. The pistol, two magazines and loading tool all have the Kreighoff factory highly polished platinum finish on all the metal parts.
Condition: Excellent, with 99% of the totally original factory platinum finish with excellent walnut grips showing no wear at all. The case is in very fine condition showing scuffing on the outside with the leather still nearly all intact. This is a magnificent example of an extremely rare factory engraved Kreighoff Presentation Luger pistol that is complete with two matching magazines, takedown tool and leather case. /EndQuote
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To Patrick Hogan's credit, he is finding better people (experts) to give detailed accurate descriptions to obviously fine lugers. This could not be said just a few short years ago.
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Any idea what it sold for??
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