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Originally Posted by Tom R View Post
What makes te Krieghoffs any better than say a mauser or hk?
I don't have a Krieghoff. But here is the story that I've heard so far:

(1) It's high quality. Krieghoff's parts are interexchangable. Not a big deal in CNC age, but it's not an easy task in that era. And, Mauser did not achieve parts interchangability until postwar;

(2) It's rare. Mauser made almost 1 million Lugers and Krieghoff made around 12,000. When many collectors competing for fewer guns, the price goes high;

(3) It's associated with Nazi Air Force. Nowadays, Nazi Navy and Air Force items are hot. Another example is Mauser 1934. Regular 1934 is a 3 digit item. But if it carries a M over Eagle, it's not a pocket pistol anymore. Market. Comercial Krieghoff is even more rare than military. Although it's not Nazi Air Force related, the production volume is low enough to support its high asking price. We seldomly see it.

(4) Collectors acquired them expansively, so it must go out expansively. No one wants to lose money.

"hk" is just another name for Krieghoff. There is a post war factory abbreviated "h&k" which has nothing to do with Krieghoff, but h&k also makes high quality small arms and it is more or less like Mauser of our era.
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