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Douglas Jr.
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Default Brazilian Lugers: collecting data


Dear Forum Members,

A couple of months ago, I decided to start a serious database about the surviving Lugers made by DWM for the Brazilian Army and delivered between 1908-1911.

Besides a natural interest as a Brazilian collector, I feel this is one of the less researched variants among the several Luger tips. I had noticed that most of the well-known books about the Parabellum pistols provide only the same limited information, which has been repeated over and over for decades. Some authors (i.e. John Walter) even dedicated more lines about countries that never adopted the Luger pistol (such as Argentina and Mexico), than about the Brazilian contract - which was one of the Parabellum’s biggest foreign sales for DWM at that time.

It is my understanding that this situation is not fault of any authors. On the contrary, it is much more a consequence of limited access to the Brazilian sources (still an issue faced by local researchers when dealing with military files) than anything else. Besides that, it is clear to me that, for some reason, this variation was misunderstood and overlooked when it first appeared in the surplus international market.

On the other hand, the Internet has proved itself as a wonderful tool to collect data and exchange information. During the years that I’ve been a member of both Luger-oriented forums (Jan Still Central Powers Pistols and the Luger forum), I managed to collect, here and there, some basic information that, when put together, helped me to shed light over this contract – and, in addition, to dismiss, some incorrect information previously disseminated.

By realizing this, I was pushed to take one step further in this research, as I have a feeling that I have a great puzzle in front of me, but most pieces needed are available and just have to be collected to tell us a nice story.

Thus, is my intention to collect as much as additional information as I can gather in order to have a better idea about these guns, its survival rate and, in a long term, if it proves successful, to publish it.

As said above, simple data is enough to debunk some incorrect information that has been floating around for decades, so, I am planning to be focused only on the following features:

- serial number
- caliber
- receiver proof (“circled-B”) (yes / no)
- barrel proof (“circled-B”)(yes / no)
- finish (original, reblued, nickled, etc...)
- notes (for additional information v.g., mismatching, parts only, etc.).
- source (v.g. private collection, dealer, museum, etc.).

I can guarantee that any personal data will be kept in safe and no personal information will be disclosed to third parties without previous contact and written consent.

At last, but not the least, another aspect important aspect of this study is related to documents. Although this is a situation where the “home front” may prove to be more fruitful, advertising from old surplus dealers from the 50s and 60s is also welcome.

So, I invite you all to help me with this task. Please, report any “Brazilian Lugers” that you have in your collections, or that you had seen on gun dealers, gun showns, pawn shops, etc., informing the characteristics listed above. I will be very greatful for all your help. My e-mail is .

Please, find below a link that allows you to download the updated (up to April 28th, 2019) chart with the limited information that I managed to gather up to now, for your review.

All the best,

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