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Default Kristmas Krieghoffs

I was not anticipating much as I went to my local gun show this weekend, but figured it was better than going to the mall. Much to my surprise, there arose such a clatter.... as I went to a table to find 3 Kreighoffs that matter! (sorry, but I was trying to be clever) They were all matching and correct- easily all three are 98-99%. All came from a local collector who had them for years. Unfortunately, he knew what they were worth, so I pledged top dollar for all three as I knew it would be a long time before I could find such guns again. An S code, a 1936, and a 1940.
For now I cannot give you pictures as it was all it could do to give him all my available money to hold the three. Hopefully will pay them off early next year. (I know Tom A. will be jealous once I can post the pictures.)
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