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Default correct mags

Hi Joncon, well, the grip type is irrelevent, as in mid 1941 thru 42 and all the way until the end of the war. Bakelite grips were intersperced with the walnut grips with no definite rhyme or reason. Standard or substandard, I don't know. The magazines all thru 1941 and into 1942 were code 122 or fxo and were aluminum bottom numbered to the gun. Two of them, one for the gun, the second a spare. In 1942 they stopped numbering them, but also introduced the black Bakelite bottoms and they were interspersed thruout production as well. So, with that in mind, the two unmarked aluminum would be the closest thing to the originals, but the black Bakelite would be the most desirable and also still correct? Crazy times we're in right now! Best to all,'r....GT...
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