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Default Some Glamour Shots

I decided to get some glamour shots in with my new GT Navys arrival to the fold. It seems to be a pretty representative group of Lugers for my first 5!

From top to bottom:
-Refinished but otherwise matching except the fitting pin shooter Erfurt LP.08 with ODIN stock and Numrich Trommelmag courtesy of GT.

-GT built Navy shooter on a commercial frame and repro 6 barrel and rear sight. Also with an ODIN Navy Stock

-DWM 1908/1909 Brazilian Contract

-GT built Mauser 1937 first variation shooter with Finn black grips and a mismatched 42 code toggle train. Pictured with my raffle prize 1941 holster from Jason SL

-DWM 1920 5 digit commercial P.08. Pictured with a 1920s era commercial holster from Wlyon.

-WWI Bavarian generic dress Sabre.

Now the DWMs! Left to right:
- Navy
-1920 commercial

And finally, my Navy and LP.08 Shooters side by side.
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Looking for Mauser S/42 toggle train #22
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