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Saami min and max are 0.754 and 0.776 " for 9mm head space.

I don't believe headspace was at the max or no - go, if the toggle closed, it was "more"! JMHO.

More likely the ridge at the front of the chamber was/is worn and allows "undersize" diameter cartridges to go too far past the point where they should stop. The headspace gage has a sharp shoulder and is steel, if it closed there is something amiss in the chamber.

The cartridge with holed and flattened primer went past the chamber front, pushed by the striker/firing pin as far as it would go against the hook of the ejector; when it fired, the primer backed out-puncturing the prime, and then the cartridge was then forced back to the breech face- flattening the primer in the process.

I have convinced myself that drilling the "Norwegian" gas relief hole in the bottom of the breech block is a very good idea, and should be done on any re-barrel job, and probably to any shooter luger. Collectible lugers probably should not be modified and left in their original condition- since they don't get shot anyway. Gas escaping to the bottom may result in a "blown" magazine- another reason to use "mecgar" mags for shooting and not original mags. But mags are cheaper than a new bolt, extractor, and possibly other associated parts.

All JMHO. But I agree 100% that near minimum headspace is preferable to maximum.
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