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Called a "Sneak" in marketing / collector parlance. A 1929 BKIW ( transition from DWM to Mauser) found in s, t, and u serial suffix with WaA66 proof. They are found with both, blank toggles, and DWM toggles.

The term "Sneak" was coined as a marketing ploy to add mystique. Supposedly produced without a date to keep the Allied Commission from knowing that Luger production had started again.
The current general consensus is that they were simply assembled from parts in inventory, and no date was thought necessary.

While not rare or scarce, but not extremely common, and desirable to unit mark collectors. I've seen them priced from $1400 to $2000+ based on condition, and scarcity of the Landjägerei unit mark district.

I Still Need DWM side plate #49... if anyone runs across a nice one.

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