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Default Re: OT--sidearms for officers

Based only on conversations with people who were there (former WWII German Army ans Luftwaffe officers), tom has it right. They purchased their own pistols. If there were any restrictions, I am not aware of them. It is interesting to note that many did go for the small pistols as they were more comfortable to carry. One good friend carried a small .32 Sauer. Small Mausers and various Czech pistols were also very popular and Spanish guns such as the Astra were occasionally seen. The then-current manufacture Walther PP-series guns were apparently all being built for various government and police orders and were apparently not generally available for individual sale.

Unless they were in a hot area and issued the full-size guns, officers did not really expect to use their small pistols, except perhaps a shot-down pilot. My friend with the Sauer told me he fired probably one magazine full of ammo through his gun the entire war! And he was part of the festivities all the way from 1939 to 1945.

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