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Default Re: OT--sidearms for officers


There is a document issued by the German Government which shows who is authorized to carry a pistol. It was called the "Kreigsstaerkenachweisung" or abbreviated "KStN" (War Strength Record). In the US Army it is the same thing as the "Table of Organization and Equipment", or as better know, the TO&E.

The KStN showed the Authorization for Requisition for personal weapons. The KStN had a number, a date, and it specified the type & title of a unit. It listed how manyofficers, Civil Service Civilians, NCOs, men, weapons, vehicles, horses, etc. were to be in the unit, and it also mandated who was authorized a specific type of individual weapon.

In the great series of books by Col. Whittington, "German Pistols and Holsters 1934-1945" Vol IV, shows many of the pertimnent KStN that deals with the handgun. The book is available, sort of boring reading, bu should be in your library.

This did not specifically answer yur question, but in short, front line officers were issued handguns. Higher ranking officers did have to purchase their own weapons, but again it was what their duty was. Most Lugers, P,38s, Radoms, etc. were issued to the NCO ranks, civilians, etc. that were at or near the front lines.


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