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If I'm reading Still's "IMPERIAL LUGERS" correctly, your 1910 Luger should have the last two digits of the serial number on the sear bar, safety bar and top of the safety lever. Also on the underside of the locking bolt and side plate. The left side of the receiver will be unmarked and the right side of the receiver will have either two or possibly three inspection stamps. The underside of the barrel will have the serial number and bore diameter markings.

Keep in mind that DWM's contract for the first 50,000 Lugers was approved in 1908 with production beginning in 1909 and did not follow the 1910 instructions on marking Lugers and as a private contractor DWM never did strictly adhere to the 1910 instructions on marking Lugers. There will be variations in how the first 50,000 were marked with the most obvious being the inspection stamps being moved from the left receiver side to the right side. Serial numbers being stamped on the left receiver didn't begin until part way through 1912.
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