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I was looking at a 1910 DWM recently and was trying to figure out if it was a correctly marked Luger. I understand that those P-08's were marked in the commercial fashion but this pistol displayed the last two serial #'s on the sear bar and safety latch in the military style. Am I wrong to assume that maybe these parts were replacement parts and numbered to match the pistol? Another thing that I noticed was the absence of an army test proof on the barrel. The serial #'s on the barrel had good halos. If it was missing the proof could that mean the barrel wasn't original or was it not uncommon for the proof to be missed. The proofs were on the left side of the breechblock and on the right side of the receiver. There was no hold open and I think the grips were replacements as their condition didn't quite match the rest of the pistol. Just wondering if I am looking to hard at some of these pistols as I was slightly burned not too long ago, I will call it a first degree burn. A 1910 is on my short list as I have a 1910 holster. Thanks!

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