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Default Thread size correction, and new attempts!

Hi to all, If you've been following my artillery rear sight delimma, I have some new info for you all. Seems that the correct size for the little slotted retaining screw is most likely 3M X 0.35? (not yet sure?) I had previously thought it was 3M X 0.5 and it turns out it most definitly is not, either on originals, or repros! The problem with the SARCO sight base was it wasn't threaded all the way thru, not the wrong thread!... So, I have ordered the correct size tap (I think!) and will re-address this issue soon. In the meantime, I have discovered that the flat spring that goes under the rear sight has to be an optimum length or it will try to push the sight up instead of holding it down... I'm working on that as well... So, maybe there is some hope going forward, I know that I'm going to build a dedicated artillery top half just to test the rear sight for integrity... Best to all,'r....GT....
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