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Default SARCO artillery sight followup!

Hi to all! Well the SARCO artillery rear sight, despite all my efforts to revive it, turned out to be a bad investment! Here's what happend once it hit the range! To my understanding, the rear sight ladder lasted about 7 or 8 mags full, and then it started jumping teeth and "flopping" around. I told Rick to return the top half thinking, no problem, I'll put in a better indexing spring and we'll be off to fun land again, no sweat! But, when I got it in hand, I see where the teeth on the ladder were starting to round off and it turns out the notched part of the sight is soft, or too soft to live on a Luger barrel? So, I have a 1920 commercial artillery shooter that had a Lugerman artillery rear sight, and I put that one on Ricks barreled receiver and I will range test it tomorrow to see if we are clear of that issue going forward. Althought I'm beginning to believe that nothing can replace the originals, I know that Lugermans rear sight is one hell of a lot closer to the original than is Sarco's? Anyway, got to take on the dragon once and awhile, and see if we can knock a few scales loose.... best to all,'r....GT...
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