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You have a fine example of one of DWM's best military Lugers. In 1915 they were still turning out superb quality Lugers. The price was, IMO, an outstanding deal. As they say, "You done good"!!

My father owned four or five Lugers back in the 1920's and 1930's, all commercials with one exception; a 1915 DWM Artillery. He bought it from his favorite sporting goods store, Shipley's in Frederick, MD. It had been taken in as a trade. It came with a holster with the toe cut out of it and, IIRC, 96 German military surplus cartridges. The gun was absolutely perfect and as new. My father described it as the finest Luger he ever owned and as well fit and finished as any of the commercial Lugers he owned.

Interestingly, he said that it wouldn't make it through a magazine of the German cartridges without jamming. His friend at Shipleys who worked the gun counter, a knowledgeable gun enthusiast, suggested trying American made 9mm. He did and never again had a failure of any kind. There's an interesting story that goes along with that pistol and I'll tell it sometime.
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