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Default SARCO repro artillery rear sight issues!

Hi to all, well I just finished up a 1920 commercial converted to a 9MM 1920 artillery with a new manufacture barrel, and a SARCO reproduction rear sight! It all came out sweet, but there were some hiccops along the way. I thought since I haven't made any silly claims or statements lately, maybe today is the day!
Anyway, the rear sight assembly on the whole, is made pretty well. Not quite as nice as an original, but still new and nice on appearance. The blue stuff is blue, and the polished stuff polished! The first issue encountered was in the fit onto the barrel dovetail. When fully positioned, it was just a tiny bit loose. This was solved by using a flat piece of steel bar that i had polished smooth, and by positioning it on the front dove tail edge on the barrel, I gently tapped it with a hammer setting it down ever so slightly to make it a snug fit.. So far, so good! (make sure you put a support rod in the bore)The next issue was a bit more problematic, and that was the little 3MM threaded hole for the retaining screw, wasn't threaded thru properly. A broken tap later I discovered that the rear sight base had been hardened! so two taps later, I got the threads cleaned up and put the sight on the barrel, I believe permenantly with the modifications I performed.. Only one issue remains, and I haven't figured out a cure yet, and that is, on some of the sights, the rear sight blade doesn't set level with all the rest? I am not sure if I am going to file it flat, or twist it flat? Anyway, the above info should be sufficient to get you into all kinds of irreversiable trouble! best to all,'r.....GT...
BTW, I am going to invest in some solid carbide taps (expensive) for the 3MM hole issue described above... I can perform the service for you for a minor fee... best, GT
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