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I wish you well in your quest for information on this fascinating and little documented variant. I have had a corresponding interest in acquiring data and serial numbers of surviving US Test Trial Lugers that has spanned nearly 30 years, so you have a long and challenging road ahead of you!

The data you have collected virtually drives a stake through the heart of the notion that the circle B marks on the barrels of some 1906 American Eagle Lugers in the 4xxxx serial number range are the result of the use of over production of barrels for Brazilian Lugers. Although DWM certainly did not waste anything, the marking of these barrels would appear that it is just the use of that die by a DWM inspector when these AE Lugers were assembled.

I am extremely proud of my Brazilian Luger example and feel very fortunate to have owned two of this elusive variation. Thank you for your efforts to solidify its history.

If it's made after's a reproduction
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