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At the time I started this thread I had 3 HK lugers and 2 HK mags .

The one he needed was of course the best one .

I was contacted on the other forum about a mag closer to 8309 and it seemed like a straight deal . That is why I started this thread as it was looking good but that deal turned into nothing-no response itself .

Did buy two [ $300 and $475 ] since and offered to let Otto buy the good one and trade me for 5310 but no response to that either . The lower priced one is the one needing a tube .

I am now at 3 HK guns and 4 HK mags and looking at 2 more HK guns that of course have Mauser mags in them so " extra " is a stretch .

ADDING pics of the 4 I have . Otto needs 5310 and I need 2014 , 6624 and 8309 . So far .

I am STILL WILLING to work with Otto but when you get no response to pm's or emails it is hard .

Originally Posted by Edward Tinker View Post
Well jeez, I guess this is a lesson to me - I would have wanted to get that mag to the guy and then I would have been out of a mag....

You'd think someone would jump through hoops and ensure you were good to go....
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