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Default BCC asks a good question

Yes, the firing proofs match throughout. However, the tiny proof on the left of the forward toggle looks like an S/42 droop eagle, but the rest of the gun bears E/S proofs. There is evidence that the rear toggle has been ground and renumbered to match the gun. Also, the forward toggle numbers seem to have been overstamped with numbers to match the gun. I now believe this is either a factory replacement toggle (doubtful, since a replacement toggle should not have to be renumbered as it would be blank to begin with, or it is a PX gun. The droop eagle on the toggle is so tiny and hard to see, that it might be a Krieghoff mark which they put on their PX guns. If it is Krieghoff, why isn't it in all the other usual locations? Strange..............Maybe the damn thing is a Russian rework?

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