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Thanks again for your good work maintaining this list. Its appreciated.

And thanks for facilitating the match-up of the SN 20 Magazine with the SN 39 gun. A near miss but better than what was in there.

So, a few additions/corrections:

1. Orphan mag SN 20 is now located in SN 39 gun.
2. Addition of SN 439 to the list. Early S-date. All matched with proper proofs, HK wood grips, 97-98 original finish. Non-matching HK magazine SN 5701. Am actively looking for SN 439 magazine or near miss.
3. Found a typo on SN 4984. This is a complete rig with two matching magazines and HK tool and holster.
4. 1941, SN 11915 does have one matching SN HK magazine.

That's about it for now.

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