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Unfortunately, my dad sold my S code SN 1774 in the 1970s, then re-blued it and re-gripped it as the customer always had to have a "pair" of any pistol he had. I brought it home from Berlin and paid $65 for it in 1962. To ease anyone's outrage at it's treatment, it had already been re-blued when I got it. This was also well in advance of it's being the major collector's item that it would be now. The "matching" portions we left were the frame, bbl and receiver, and small parts. I ended up with the marked toggle so I'm sure dad put on a DWM toggle on it. So, if it exists now as a Kreighoff, it is a mis-match, conterfeit. I've been thinking all afternoon that the SN may have been 1974 instead of 1774.

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