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Originally posted by MattR
so, are these fakes obvious or are they that good? If I sat down with the gun, Gibson's book, and had ample time, would I find anomalies that would make me suspect? Are the fakers as good as the documentation?
Hey Matt and Tom..!

Yes - as Tom mentions - there are differences. Most of the faked ones I've seen fall into several categories. Sideframe HK have their own "issues" - but most in the 1940+ era have some of the following earmarks: Look for incorrect polishing of some of the small parts. Look especially at the toggle train (top, sides, chamfer and even the underside). Also - look at the "proofs" and stamps, as they have been redone to cover the fact the HK has been "restored". It also helps to know what an original stamps should look like. As well - look at the frame/rail polish. It's always there on boosted HKs, but it's incorrect much of the time. The "thumbprint" used to be a good indication, but some of the "restorers" have matched that pretty danged well....

For the "G", "S" 36, 936, 1937 & 1938 dated HKs - they have another set to look for as well....

Isn't collectung "fun"??!!!

John D.
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