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Not gonna bite on the snippy stuff and besides I am not one of the hall monitors .

The " documentation " bit means does anyone else have one ?
Heard of one ?
I have not and being a student of these for a long time I have learned caution .

Living near Prior Lake I have been offered numerous " unusual " HK's but never did buy one there .

Watched a clip on youtube by a dealer trying to tell me ALL the engraved 16,000 and 17,000 guns were given by Goering as gifts .

I asked for " documentation " on that also .

Any real student of these knows 16999 was indeed Goerings but not the others .

The cased set of three platinum,gold and silver captured in Suhl was in all probability still in HK hands when " captured " .

Originally Posted by lugerholsterrepair View Post
Documentation? What do you have in mind for documentation? An actual document signed & attested to with witnesses that I sat for two hours with this pistol in my hands , dismantled it and the accompanying matching serial numbered barrel & receiver and inspected each and every part under a 6 inch magnifier light? A more magnificent and beautifully made Krieghoff I have never before or after seen. No certificate of authenticity came with it. It didn't need one. There is no gun maker on Planet Earth that could have made this pistol and it's matching top cannon but Krieghoff. It has been every bit of 15 years ago that I had the privilege of examining it but it was so striking I remember it vividly today.

Documentation? For what? What would you do with such a thing if you had it? And what is it? Pictures? They DO exist if that's what you mean. But no, I got no documentation. Other than my test tow money.
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