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There is no cast on a Luger stock, artillery navy or carbine. There may or may not be a need for cast to accommodate right eye or left eye dominance. Roughly 65-70% of the population have eye dominance that corresponds to their "handedness", but not all, so cast compensates for the varying degrees of "cross dominance". As Doubs has pointed out, cast can also be used to establish a more comfortable and quick sight picture even with corresponding hand and eye dominance.
When a handgun is fired off-hand, whether with right hand, left hand or both hands, minute horizontal rotation with the wrists allows the attainment of a correct sight "picture"/alignment for the dominant eye. When a stock is attached the gun is locked in alignment with which ever shoulder is used, this takes away the option of wrist correction and requires a head tilt or other compensation if the shoulder is not on the side of the dominant eye. In a dominant hand/dominant eye sighting situation acquiring ideal sight alignment requires a head tilt adjustment of only a few millimeters or fraction of a millimeter. In a dominant hand/non-dominant eye condition, the interpupillary distance is on an average of around 63 millimeters and that is a lot for head tilt and brain to compensate for so it appears that the culprit is stock cant, but it isn't.
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