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Originally Posted by Dwight Gruber View Post
What ammunition are you using? This is problem commonly associated with using ammunition with a too-short overall cartridge length. Modern SAAMI specs include a minimum oal for 9x19 parabellum which is as much as 2mm shorter than the original DWM minimum specification. --Dwight
That is an excellent point. While SAAMI concerns itself with specs that keep the cartridge safe for use in firearms chambered for it, they are not concerned about reliable mechanical functioning of any specific firearm. SAAMI 9mm Luger cartridge specs for OAL are from 1.000" ~ 1.169".

The first issue 9mm Luger cartridge used a truncated cone bullet of 123 grains and an OAL of 29.2mm or 1.150". That changed in 1916 to the round nose bullet profile and I do not know what OAL they used.

I reload and any 9mm cartridge I put together must function in my Lugers. I use three different bullets at the moment. I load a 115 grain TC bullet to 1.100" OAL, a 115 grain RN to 1.155" OAL and a 124 grain HP to 1.150" OAL. Some 9mm pistols I have will not function with the TC load as the chambers are not cut with a long enough lead and they won't fully seat. The bullet ogive jams into the lands. The picture below is my TC load.

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