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My friend at the lgs that I frequent called me a couple days ago and said they just got a 42/1940. I said put it back for me and I'll come in and take a look at it. They are not aficionados of the Luger but know that I am. I have gotten some decent examples through this shop. 1940 Mausers aren't that remarkable but you can never tell what you might find.

So I go in and look at it and as I figured just another run of the mill Mauser. Except for the I am not a Navy collector but know enough to be dangerous and not get involved with something I don't know a whole lot about. Which brings us to this mag that was in the 1940. It appears to me to be legit except it is not serial numbered but C/M marked. Were there Navy commercials marked in such a way is the question. What would the value be?

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