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Originally Posted by jeb111 View Post
I have been looking at quite a few Swiss lugers, mostly 1906 DWM, and was wondering about the serial # placement. I know that they were put on in the commercial style but if the DWM Lugers were assembled by the Swiss were they as meticulous in marking all the parts as if they were assembled in the DWM factory? I have seen many small parts that are missing numbers especially the take down lever and safety lever.
I have a 1906 Swiss that was sent to Switzerland as a parts set and assembled by W+F in Bern in 1910. There are two distinct differences between DWM commercial serial numbering and my 1906 Swiss. First, the rear toggle has the last three digits of the serial number as opposed to only two used by DWM. The second difference is that the locking bolt is not numbered whereas DWM did on their commercial Lugers.

There are others much more familiar with Swiss Lugers than I and they may add to what I've pointed out.

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