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The manufacturing seems to have been interesting, as at least several companies were involved.

One appears to have bankrupted in 2000. There may be involvement of the company of the Barthelmes family (the old Barthelmes worked for Walther and was a driving force behind the P38 design). After the war he produced blank firing guns and air guns. The 'Record' air gun brand.

Interesting, as Record also made a series of Mauser branded air guns.

Between 1997 and 2000, Enser made the Record air guns. Until Enser went bankrupt and the Barthelmes family set up a new company.

The tooling from several Enser products were bought by several other companies and are still used to manufacture blank firing and air guns today. Including 2 Luger style models, the P04 with a long barrel and the P08 with a short barrel by a company called ME Sportwaffen.
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