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cip59587 07-22-2022 12:19 AM

New to the Collection: '1908 Commercial' DWM
I recently began to look for a 'shooter grade' Luger example, with little specific in mind, and have exceeded, pending a day at the range, my fondest hopes for a 'first' Luger - I've handled many, shot a few, but this is the first addition to the home safe.

This is a numbers matching solid original (to the best of my, the seller, or my smith's knowledge) example of the model most commonly referred to as the 1908 Commercial; manufactured by DWM prior to WWI. It correctly lacks the breech hold-open and has no indication of military use or purchase to my eyes. No remote semblance of a 'P' or similar anywhere that I can see, including the inner mag well, as often indicated a private officer purchase, IIRCC. Numbers are largely clear and crisp; the shown wooden-base magazine lacks number as it should.


An aftermarket Mec-Gar (trying to limit use of the original magazine) I scoured off an acquaintance is on its way and with a couple of boxes of S&B 124 grn. and at least one box of Winchester 124 grn. in FMJ in the safe my gf and I are thoroughly looking forward to giving a full range report soon - sorry if it's a few weeks out; we're about to move - enjoy the photos for now!

P.S. On the very last photo of the album, please forgive the fuzzies...the cat is overly curious.

ithacaartist 07-22-2022 04:06 AM


115 gn FMJ is the ammo most use, Winchester White Box being the go-to round. Your pistol is over 100 years old, and 124 gn demands a bit more from the system than the former, even though the latter projectile is close to original specs.

Let us know how it goes!

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