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Major Tom 07-18-2022 09:01 AM

I need a deactivated P08 luger
My Grandson's birthday is coming up. He is in love with my lugers. I want to find a deactivated P08 luger for him as a gift. I know there are a lot of display lugers out there but are usually over priced plastic, pot metal ones. That's why I want an actual P08. Would someone steer me in the right direction to buy one?
Thanks a bunch!

Bill_in_VA 07-18-2022 09:21 AM

How about a BB Luger? He can shoot it in the backyard and you can save a few dollars. Umarex makes some pretty realistic BB guns at affordable prices. How does $59 sound?

cirelaw 07-18-2022 11:31 AM

Warn him of use outside so he does't get shot by someone claiming self defense~Buy him a luger video instead!

wlyon 07-18-2022 11:54 AM

I agree with Eric. Bill

rhuff 07-18-2022 04:32 PM

I have one of the Umarex blowback CO2 BB Lugers, and they are a blast. They are very realistic and the toggle functions as an original. I set up a catch target in my backyard, and enjoy shooting away.

tomaustin 07-18-2022 07:14 PM

I heard this live on December 22, 1949 while sitting on my Grandparents back porch out at the farm in rural Mississippi....I was 10 years old......

It was controversial then and still is today..........
Dragnet broke one of the unspoken (and still rarely broached) taboos of popular entertainment in the episode ".22 Rifle for Christmas" which aired December 22, 1949 and was repeated at Christmastime for the next three years. The episode followed the search for two young boys, Stanley Johnstone and Stevie Morheim, only to discover Stevie had been accidentally killed while playing with a rifle that belonged to Stanley—who'd be receiving it as a Christmas present but opened the box early; Stanley finally told Friday that Stevie was running while holding the rifle when he tripped and fell, causing the gun to discharge, fatally wounding Morheim. NBC received thousands of complaint letters, including a formal protest by the National Rifle Association. Webb forwarded many of the letters to police chief Parker who promised "ten more shows illustrating the folly of giving rifles to children".

That's right: in the late 1940's a popular radio star highlighted the danger of giving guns to kids, and when protested by the NRA got the chief of the LAPD to give them the finger. 1949.

Dragnet doesn't wear very well today, all of its spawn notwithstanding. However I think this illustrates that the NRA has been a bad actor for a very long time. 1949 was 64 years ago. Sixty-four. Years. Ago.

There are still people today giving guns to five year olds, and there are still children dying.

Love him or hate him, Jack Webb did us a public service, and so did Chief Parker of the LAPD.

Bill_in_VA 07-18-2022 07:29 PM

I got my first gun at 13 - a Harrington and Richardson Topper 58 12 gauge. I still have it. In the last 44 years I've neither killed myself, nor anyone else with it. Likewise, I had dozens upon dozens of toy guns, cap guns, BB guns, and a even a few Luger cap guns and plastic ones, and again, no one flew into a tizzy that I might get shot by someone else.

That said, no one in this thread so far has yet to suggest giving a child a real live handgun. Thomas asked about his finding his grandson a deactivated, welded-up pistol. Buy the kid a BB gun, or better yet, buy him a live Luger and let him learn some basic gun safety instead of flying into some Fudd-induced panic. We all had to learn somewhere.

Pistol 07-18-2022 11:26 PM

Reminds me of Ralphie in the Christmas Story ......"You'll shoot your eye out kid.".....LOL.

The OP talks about getting a deactivated gun to his grandson. No age is given. Then Bill makes a reasonable suggestion for a BB gun.

I think that is a far cry from "arming kids with rifles". Who is "giving guns to 5 year olds". And where are the stats that show there is some mass problem of armed 5 year olds killing other children? And all the fault of the big bad NRA. I would say the NRA has done more to protect children from firearm accidents.

cirelaw 07-19-2022 12:20 AM

Parents are responsible even more so!

Good-Day 07-19-2022 09:19 PM

I dug around a bit and oddly really could not find one, in the US that is

Have you considered building one up from parts?

Vlim 07-20-2022 09:17 AM

The Denix copies are nice full sized, with a decent weight.
Trigger clicks, toggle opens and magazine is removeable.

DonVoigt 07-20-2022 12:21 PM

If you do find one,
I suggest you paint the muzzle red to indicate it is not a "real" dischargeable firearm.

In fact any "toy" firearm would likely benefit from such a distinguishing ID.

Major Tom 07-21-2022 07:59 AM

I failed to mention my Grandson will be 15 in Sept. He is well acquainted with all types of firearms and is very good at hitting his targets. He and I go to the range quite often and he shoots all calibers from 22rf to 30-06 garand.

jeb111 07-21-2022 09:23 AM

Major Tom I don’t know your financial or collection situation but if your grandson is turning 15 then obviously he is not going to be playing with the pistol so if it was me IMHO I would either try and find him a rough shooter or give him one of your Lugers you are willing to part with. Maybe keep the Luger in your possession until he is a bit older or if you feel he is responsible enough and has a secure place to store the pistol then let him keep it we’re he lives. Just saying that if he is interested in Lugers why not nurture that shared passion with him and get him the real thing. I know if my Grandfather gave me something like that I would have been over the moon with excitement. All this only if you feel he is ready and it’s affordable. Just a thought, good luck!

Major Tom 07-22-2022 01:05 AM

I'm pushing 80 and my entire gun collection as well as all reloading and associated gun stuff is in my will to go to him.

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