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cirelaw 07-05-2021 12:59 PM

Original Hitler Krieghoff Training Manual`
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An original Kreighoff Training Manual from 1943. Pictured of Hitler, in original condition. Jan has it pictured on page 133 in Third Reich lugers. it contains every aspect of Kreighoff military In near perfect condition~

hayhugh 07-05-2021 02:34 PM


cirelaw 07-05-2021 04:56 PM

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Its devoted to Ludwaffe and Kreighoff training and included in Jans' Third Reich Lugers~ Its a historical surviving document printed prewar! To put it all in context

gunnertwo 07-05-2021 07:49 PM

Well, it's not specifically Krieghoff. The title states it's the instruction manual for members of the Air Force. The content covers all what a LW member does, rules, training, weapons and conduct. It compares to our (US) Enlisted, NCO and Warrant Guides. Great book to have for your display. I hope to score one someday.


cirelaw 07-05-2021 10:39 PM

Thank You for the explanation! I will look out for another for you! Eric!

gunnertwo 07-06-2021 01:12 AM

Thank you Eric!


cirelaw 07-06-2021 10:45 AM

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Found One Sold!

gunnertwo 07-06-2021 03:41 PM


Thanks for the search. I looked at his site, IMNSHO the prices are high. Similar items can be seen on other websites with lower prices.

I'm still looking.


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