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usmc6177 06-07-2018 12:29 PM

Assistance on Krieghoff ID
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This has been posted on another Luger forum but I was told that this forum was another resource to use to gain assistance on ID of, estimation of condition as well as valuation of a S marked Krieghoff that a family member has come into possession of. Apologies if this is not the correct place

usmc6177 06-07-2018 12:33 PM

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additional images.

HerrKaiser 06-07-2018 04:01 PM

Wow. A very low Serial numbered Kreighoff. Almost all matching, I assume the part labeled “54” to be the toggle retaining pin? Are the grips made of Bakelite or plastic? I notice some pitting, but Krieghoff Lugers were typically destined for the Luftwaffe and are somewhat rare and generally considered to be the most desirable of the manufacturers. Beyond this I don’t know much more about them.

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